36.5° Housekeeper Star Rating Ceremony Ended Successfully at Landsea Green Life
Released at:2020/11/27 14:28:05

The more you value talent, the more they appear. The more you ignore it, the scarcer it is. —Wei Yuan


To build a team of professional housekeepers and promote the brand of 36.5° community housekeeper, Landsea Green Life held the 36.5° Housekeeper Star Rating Ceremony on November 26 and 27 at the Changxing R&D Base.



The stars were awarded to winning housekeepers by Landsea Green Life’s general manager, Wu Xu. He commented that while we were keeping our noses to the grindstone, we also needed to look at the whole picture every now and then. Housekeepers are part of our valuable assets in that they are the front-line workers who have direct contact with property owners. Thus, their service quality will be the key to driving the company’s business growth. A housekeeper should focus on details; not a single bad review should be taken lightly; continue to enhance warm services in small but cumulative ways. Furthermore, housekeepers also need to give regular feedback on property owners’ real needs so as to increase customer retention, improve basic services, and refine value-added professional services.



Zhang Shuai, Customer Service Supervisor of the Regular Property Center, shared the operation, development, offered services, and brand system of 36.5° housekeepers. He stressed that this star rating ceremony was just the start. The 36.5° community housekeeper star rating system is an inspirational housekeeper development system with a scale of one to five stars. Housekeepers arerated once every six months. At this ceremony, the highest star awarded was 3 stars.


The 36.5° housekeeper development system consists of three modules: housekeeper certificate, housekeeper training, and housekeeper development. Before starting work as a housekeeper, one has to achieve the proper qualification. Standardized on-the-job training and skill-developing sessions are also available for housekeepers’ career development. The establishment of this system is of great value to help housekeepers find where to improve for business growth and service improvement.


The new era has raised demands for housekeepers and it is necessary to advance with the times. Landsea Green Life never stops refining the scope of housekeepers’ responsibilities and providing more support.


On November 27, led by a counselor, star-rated housekeepers started themed debates in groups to discuss some common issues in work.


Vigorous debate scene

Debate winner receiving awards


What’s more, a trip to visit the Brand Venue and a passive house was also organized to help these star-rated housekeepers learn more about the Landsea Group and Landsea corporate culture.