Join hands with China Urban Realty Association (CURA) to reduce community carbon emissions
Released at:2021/06/05 19:12:48

Scientific data indicate that the climate change that poses a serious threat to human survival and long-term development is mainly caused by carbon dioxide emissions produced by human activity since the Industrial Revolution. The key to tackling climate change is to control carbon emissions. The only way to do is this to achieve peak carbon dioxide emissions first and then achieve carbon neutrality.


We have made significant progress towards reaching a carbon emission peak and carbon neutrality. In 2009, China’s carbon emissions dropped by 48.1% compared  with 2005. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, clean energy has made up 23.4% of China's total energy consumption. The accumulative amount of water, wind, and solar generators installed in China well surpassed other countries. During the "13th Five-Year Plan", China’s forest growing stock volume (GSV) reached 17.5 billion cubic meters and retained growth both in the forest coverage rate and the GSV consecutively for 30 years, making China the country with the highest growth rate in forest resources.


Last year, President Xi Jinping announced the goal of peaking carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality before 2060, which were vigorously discussed in this year’s Two Sessions. We all inhabit the Earth. What can we contribute to this 30·60 goal as a Chinese enterprise and an ordinary community resident?



Our effort to pursue a healthy environment is endless and it should become a kind of behavior and lifestyle.

—Kofi Annan, the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations


"A Splash of Sparkle" gathers various parties to reduce carbon emissions

From Landsea Green Street to other communities


On June 5, World Environment Day, the "A Splash of Sparkle" project — a CURA drive to cut carbon emissions — was launched in Shanghai Landsea Green Street, where over 30 families gathered to find ways in daily life to reduce their carbon footprints. Young and old community members thought outside the box and went out of their way to contribute to cutting carbon emissions.



As the initiator and organizer of the "A Splash of Sparkle" project, CURA tried to bring about more than just a series of community events, but rather a gathering of small efforts in communities to drive forward the cause of reducing carbon emissions.


(Picture | Mr. Wang Liangyu, Director of CURA Social Responsibility Project)


Besides developing a sense of responsibility for carbon emission reduction, what exactly can we do in our daily life as ordinary community residents to make a difference in reducing carbon emissions? Experts from the China Green Carbon Foundation were invited to give a live lecture on carbon-related knowledge and share tips on how to reduce carbon emissions in daily life.


(Picture | Mr. He Yeyun, Director of International Business Division, China Green Carbon Foundation)


In the course of its 16 years of development, Landsea Green Life has been deeply committed to building green communities, encouraging garbage sorting and recycling, promoting sustainability in communities, and creating environmental protection themes to raise awareness, in order to lead a green lifestyle through small but effective actions. As the first step in launching the CURA drive, Landsea Green Life made great efforts to show our determination and commitment to building sustainable community and contribute to the continuous improvement of human residential environments.


(Picture | Mr. Jiang Xingcai, General Manager of Landsea Green Life, Shanghai Branch)


To increase public awareness and call for prompt actions to reduce carbon footprints, the first batch of young community members from Shanghai Landsea Green Street made pledges to make their own contribution to reaching the 30·60 carbon emission goals.


(Picture | The "A Splash of Sparkle" project, a CURA drive to cut carbon emissions, was officially launched)


In the "Carbon Kid Magical Environment Class" taught by Miss Fairy Aifen, children learned about reducing carbon emissions in communities and the magic of sorting and recycling waste with great enthusiasm.


(Picture | Carbon Kid Magical Environment Class)



A small effort brings great joy

Wasted and old items turned into invaluable ideas


Children express their understanding of environmental protection in the form of art, which inspires them to innovate in daily life. At the event, groups of children provided a lot of surprises for everyone. They expressed their wishes for and understanding of carbon emission reduction and environmental protection with their creative ideas and imagination.


In their drawings, the world is filled with clean water, blue skies, singing birds, and beautiful flowers. Children are always first to observe the fun and brilliance of community life.


(Picture | With some inspiration and imagination, used plastic wrap is fun to play with)


Plastic bags were magically transformed into cute dresses and used CDs displayed on runways. Even with all the elegant fine clothes in the world, it is still cool to turn discarded and old items into fashionable designs.


(Picture | Children applauding the creative fashion show)


Children dressed in traditional clothes performed a well-rehearsed rhythm dance to show their gratitude for farmers’ hard work and call for their peers to refrain from wasting food, a highlight of the "A Splash of Sparkle" project.


(Picture | Chinese ancient cultural performance by children in the form of singing and dancing to sincerely show their support for conserving resources)


At the event, kids who brought a used plastic bag from home can get a DIY tool kit to make an eco-friendly reusable bag. Several little hands worked together to design their own unique eco-bag. Wearing it gave them a happy new look.


(Picture | Exchanging bags and making the coolest eco bag)


 Green Operation Promotes Sustainable Community Upgrade 


During the past 16 years, Landsea Green Life has always advocated the concept of harmonious coexistence of human, society, and nature and become a full life cycle green life service provider in a short time period. In May 2021, Landsea Green Life published its first ESG report. Benchmarking the global sustainable development goals, ISO37120 sustainable city and community standard, SUC sustainable city and community standard, ISC sustainable community standard and other international standards, we have come up with the concept of "more inclusive, safer, and healthier" as the three dimensions to continuously improve sustainable communities, provide a better living experience, and maintain the sustainability of global development.




The cause of environmental protection knows no borders

Low carbon emission is a common goal for all human beings

Landsea Green Life was, is, and will remain

committed to achieving carbon neutrality

together with our community neighbors and families

By practicing a low-carbon-emission philosophy

in every conceivable daily life activity

By changing our lifestyle with small but eco-friendly actions

Little by little, step by step, we will safeguard a better future for the Earth

We are always on the way to protect our planet.