Landsea Green Life Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Chengshi Agriculture
Released at:2021/05/24 17:40:38

In the morning of May 10, 2021, the signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation agreement between Landsea Green Life and Chengshi Agriculture Ltd. was held in the Shuitianba Sailing Base, Zigui, Hubei Province. Attendees at the event included Du Xiaolin, Deputy County Mayor of Shuitianba, Chairman Xiang Qiongfang and CEO Li Mingzhong from Chengshi Agriculture Ltd., as well as Chen Aihua, General Manager of Landsea Green Life, Wuhan Branch.


Work together for public welfare, and help rural businesses grow


(Picture | Landsea Green Life was honored as a Charitable Enterprise for Contributing to Rural Revitalization)


At the signing ceremony, Deputy County Mayor Du Xiaolin approved our brand strength and awareness of social responsibility and granted us the honor of Charitable Enterprise for Contributing to Rural Revitalization.


(Picture | Signing the strategic cooperation agreement)


Mr. Li Mingzhong, CEO of Chengshi Agriculture Ltd., said Landsea’s warmth coupled with Chengshi’s sweetness would be a perfect combination to bear fruit in the open and inclusive environment of Shuitianba. Chengshi would take advantage of the rural revitalization strategy and the brand-building project, combine our respective advantages and strengths, and help develop the navel orange industry in Zigui. He also promised that every orange delivered to Landsea Green Life’s property owners would be consistently fresh and premium.


Build a beautiful countryside based on the orange industry


One of the initial purposes of Chengshi Agriculture was to revitalize Zigui’s navel orange industry, build a brand for Zigui oranges, and set up an example for agriculture development in Yichang.


(Picture: A field trip to Shuitianba orange plantation)


Since its inception, for a standard, branded, scientific, and industrial production of Zigui oranges, Chengshi Agriculture has standardized the management of plantations by directly operating its own base. With a production of 5 million kilograms of high-quality navel oranges per year, it helps 500 households increase their annual average revenue by 30,000 RMB.


Mr. Chen Aihua, General Manager of Landsea Green Life, Wuhan Branch, emphasized that the corporate values of Landsea Green Life are delivering people-oriented, positive, and green life experiences. In the course of its 16 years of growth,Landsea has planned or participated in various charitable events, such as Caring for Babies, Tutoring Class During the Pandemic, Jogging for Your Health, Property Owner Family Portrait, etc. The cooperation with Chengshi started with Zigui navel oranges, aimed to jointly help revitalize the rural economy, and carried on the social responsibilities of an enterprise in the new era.


The cooperation with Chengshi Agriculture is a new exploration of Landsea Green Life to help revitalize rural economy in response to the national rural revitalization strategy and to explore a new approach to public welfare. Kiss Sweet, the new retail e-commerce platform owned by Chengshi Agriculture, features business operation with aim of "respecting nature, creating actively, and sharing a good vision", which corresponds greatly to the corporate values of Landsea Green Life. With the premium Kiss Sweet navel oranges produced by Chengshi, combined with the widespread communities managed by Landsea Green Life, both parties can complement each other in advantages and resources with a lot of potential for more cooperation.


The power of oranges lights up the world for children in poverty


Charity is about making a real difference.


After the signing ceremony, Kiss Sweet oranges were introduced to property owners in communities under the management of Landsea Green Life and were available at the same time on Landsea’s Choice, the e-commerce platform under Landsea Green Life. Landsea also launched the campaign to "buy a half-kilo of oranges and donate one RMB" and would later set up a Landsea education charitable fund with all the profits made from the campaign, to donate regularly to support rural education in Zigui.


The charitable fund was firstly donated to Shuitianba Primary School with 498 students, ranging from first grade to sixth grade with a total of 18 classes.


Next, Landsea Green Life will purchase books and seek book donations within the company and from communities. After being sanitized, all books will be sent to Yichang for students to read at a local charitable library.



Every seed you sow will reap a harvest

Attended with great care, an orange tree will bear abundant fruits

Pursuing consistently and unfailingly with a sense of purpose

Landsea Green Life cares for the world