Sustainable Development

Sustainable Community

Sustainable community contributes to a green lifestyle

Sustainability has become a core issue of global development. In September 2015, the United Nations adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development centering on 17 goals for sustainable development, including the goal of sustainable cities and communities. As a responsible property management service provider, Landsea Green Life strives to meet the sustainable development goals set by the UN. By means of providing warm community services and increasing the professional capabilities for green operation and maintenance, we are dedicated to building sustainable communities to make green living possible for the people.

The concept of sustainable community

What is a sustainable community? In line with the relevant international standards such as the UN goals for sustainable development, ISO37120 for sustainable cities and communities, the standards of "Sustainable Urban Development and Livable Garden Community Programme" (SUC), ISC (Institute for Sustainable Communities) standards, in combination with Landsea Green Life's values of people-oriented, positive, and green services, we developed three dimensions of sustainable communities—more inclusive, safer, and healthier. Meanwhile, we are engaged in constantly improving sustainable communities based on our warm community services and professional capabilities for operation and maintenance in an environmentally-friendly way.

Give back to society

Landsea Green Life considers itself a responsible corporate citizen and has a role to play in a well-functioning society. We aspire to create value for customers, employees and shareholders, pay due taxes, and bring value to other stakeholders. We are committed to helping those in need and regard it as the exemplification of our corporate values. We care about nature, value environmental protection, and are willing to perform our social responsibilities.


The first global BIU V6 residential project certification

Landsea Green Life advocates for the continuous improvement of residential life experience through green operation of the community. In line with this, Landsea Green Life first recommended the Shanghai Landsea Hongqiao Green County project to participate in the evaluation of BIU V6 certification. The project was the first global residential project to receive BIU V6 certification in August 2020.

What is the BIU V6 certification?

Building Research Establishment (BRE) is one of the world’s leading research institutes for building science and the environment in the UK. In June 2020, BRE launched the brand new edition of BIU V6. According to CIA, BIU is one of the most widely used green building assessment systems for sustainability performance. BIU V6 is the first certification which offers assessment for the green management and O&M performance of centralized residential assets. In doing so, it fills a gap in the field and promotes the sustainability of residential buildings and community management.

2021 China Leading Property Management Companies in terms of Social Responsibility

2020 Leading Company for Contribution to Environment, Social and Governance

2020 China Leading Property Management Companies in terms of Social Responsibility

BRE CHINA AWARDS 2020 winner

Charitable Enterprise for Contributing to Rural Revitalization