Hand in Hand

Cooperation Mode

Competitive Advantage

  • The 1st Advantage:

    Competent to operate nationwide and on a large scale

    Our property formats include residential and commercial buildings, industrial parks, and public properties. We have projects covering the whole country, and manage them collectively within the company.

  • The 2nd Advantage:

    Unique property management services and leading customer satisfaction

    We focus on community culture, identify what customers truly need, cater to their social and emotional expectations, and endeavor to build warm communities.

  • The 3rd Advantage:

    Community ecological development mode involving the whole industry chain

    We integrate resources in various business sectors including Landsea real estate development, property management services, long-term rental apartment business, elderly caring services, existing property remodeling, and green building technologies.

  • The 4th Advantage:

    Differentiated green operation and maintenance capabilities

    We localize and implement advanced international concepts of sustainable green building operation and formulate differentiated features.

  • The 5th Advantage:

    Flexible methods and open mechanisms in cooperation

    We are open to jointly build, share, and have win-win cooperation with potential partners via multiple methods, such as comprehensive property management services, consultancy services, equity cooperation, and custom outsourcing services.


Cooperation Case

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