Service Scope

We provide diversified property management services for property owners and tenants and continue to expand our non-residential property portfolio. We provide value-added services for non-property owners (mainly the property developers) to satisfy their needs in property management. We create and operate warm communities for property owners and tenants. We also provide a series of community value-added services for property owners and tenants of the properties under management of Landsea Green Life.

Property Management Services

We provide a series of property management services including security services, cleaning services, gardening and landscaping services, car parking management, and daily repair and maintenance for property developers, property owners, and tenants. The project portfolio includes residential and non-residential property management. Non-residential properties include office buildings, rental apartments, public facilities, industrial parks, hospitals and bank branches.

Community Value-added Services

We provide various community value-added services in the residential properties under management of Landsea Green Life to satisfy customers' changing needs and improve the quality of life. The services include home-living services such as housekeeping and house repair and maintenance, public resource management services such as public area rental and advertising activities, and second-hand property agency services relate to the sales and leases of second-hand properties and use rights of car park spaces.

Value-Added Services for Non-Property Owners:

We provide value-added services for non-property owners to satisfy diverse needs for property management. These services include sales assistance services such as visitor reception, on-site cleaning, security, and maintenance services. We also assist property developers in showcasing and marketing their properties in the pre-sale stage. We provide consultancy and other services in the early stages such as cleaning, inspection, repair and maintenance services. We also provide a small amount of repair and maintenance services after property delivery when the property developers inspect relevant properties and require relevant services. We provide property agency services for the sales and leases of the properties that are owned by property developers.

Service Layout


Total Property Area3,649million ㎡

As of Jun 30, 2022

Service Features

Build and operate warm communities

Revolving around customers’ true needs, Landsea Green Life puts forward the concept of "building and operating warm communities" and follows this philosophy in our business practices. Our services, considerate in every conceivable detail, have earned wide recognition from property owners and the property management industry.

The Landsea Friends

As a platform to enrich customers’ social and cultural life, The Landsea Friends organizes various featured events and activities in its managed communities for residents of different age groups, including parent-child activities, competitions, various hobby clubs, and workshops, in order to create warm and friendly neighborhoods with a rich cultural, athletic, and recreational atmosphere.