Engineers Skill Contest to Showcase that Property Owners are in Good Hands
Released at:2021/06/01 16:43:52

On May 31, Nanjing Landsea Xihua Mansion held a "Mechanical Room Open Day" to show a group of property owners the “heart” of the community—the mechanical room. Working behind the scenes, every piece of machinery is well monitored and maintained in the hands of our property management engineers, who work diligently to remove each and every possible cause for safety concerns and ensure that all devices in the community are fully functioning.


Our engineers walk about 20,000 steps every day to patrol the perimeter and inspect every facility; they respond quickly within 10 minutes after receiving a service call. These scenes are not uncommon in Landsea’s communities. Want to know what else our engineers have got in their toolbox? Keep reading!


On April 19, the Engineers Skill Contest of Landsea Green Life kicked off at our Suzhou branch. For a whole month, skilled property engineers from all branches across the nation gathered to take part in the contest and showcase the professional skills and qualities that Landsea employees possess. The competition put the working enthusiasm and adventurous spirits of Landsea Green Life’s engineering team on full display.


As an important event to examine employees’ professional skills, this contest served as not only a test of participants’ basic skills, but also an assessment of their overall qualities through image display, mock service calls, etc.




35 property engineers stand out from the city races.

On May 21, the final competition of the Engineers Skill Contest was held at Landsea Green Life, Nanjing. The contest covered a wide range of categories from theory to practice and real-life service scenes were applied, which made the contest practical and valuable for future work.


(Picture: The host/a member of the judges announcing the start of the competition)

(Picture: Participants sitting the theory exam)

(Picture: Participants are being tested for triple-phase motor forward/reverse connection with double interlocking)


During the contest, Landsea engineers carefully studied the given circuit diagram and measured precisely to connect and adjust the circuit lines. What makes Landsea engineers excellent is not only their skilled craftsmanship, but also their conscientious attitude and constant effort to pursue perfection, which earned recognition from property owners.


(Picture: Technicians working on the wiring of an intelligent magnetic lock)


(Picture:  Participants working on the installation of a water meter and its front and rear valves as well as hot-melting the pipes)


Judges of the contest appraised the performance of the mechanics highly in the finals and were impressed with their precise control of time, beautifully and evenly welded pipes, no adhesive residue in the pipes, and no damage to pipes.


(Picture: Playing charades with technical words)


Each part of the contest was rated based on specific and strict standards to measure the quality of our services.


The contest was not only about competition, but also a chance to learn and a test of competence. The skilled operation of our engineers comes from years of experience, intensive training, and practice. Impromptu lectures were offered by experienced senior mechanics to show step by step how work was done, which further exemplified the practical values of the contest.


After fierce competition, contingents from Wuhan, Xichang, and Chengdu branches won the awards for "Excellent Team." Shanghai branch was awarded "Exceptional Organizer."


Teams keen to advance and self-improve tend to gain a competitive edge.


Professional skills are the solid foundation of Landsea Green Life’s "customer-oriented" services. This year’s Engineers Skill Contest is not only about engineering knowledge and skills, but also an opportunity to promote our "customer-oriented" corporate culture. In the future, we will focus on developing employees’ overall abilities involving a multitude of specialties, skills, and posts; enhancing front-line employees’ qualities by means of apprenticeship, competition, and training; improving our services and creating a favorable learning environment, so as to build up Landsea’s corporate culture.


—Guo Liang, Chief Human Resource Officer of Landsea Green Life


The Engineers Skill Contest serves three purposes: the first is to select talent for various key positions; the second is to set leading examples to inspire fellow employees; and the last is to call for all engineers to perfect their skills and create a favorable learning culture so as to build a more professional team and increase the overall service level.


—Lei Di, Engineering Director of Landsea Green Life



Across various city races, we found many familiar faces as well as a group of newcomers. These young people inherited outstanding professional skills from the old generation of Landsea engineers and also brought to the contest their vigorous fresh spirits.


"Engineers also need some craftsmanship spirit. Keep working on small things until they are done to perfection, which is probably what separates a craftsman from an ordinary worker."


"Engineering is meticulous work. A single piece of wrongly-connected wire would ruin the whole game. Nothing can be achieved without patience and care."


"Hold onto the craftsmanship spirit and refine my own skills to the point of perfection. It’s not only a commitment, but also a kind of responsibility."


"I have learned a lot from other participants in the contest and also realized a lack of knowledge in related theories, which I will put more effort into in the future."


"I am grateful for the help of my team, which made me grow quickly from an ordinary new recruit."




With professional skills as a foundation,

a spirit of craftmanship will drive our business forward.

Skills contests are an opportunity

to instill a culture of craftsmanship.

Property management service companies can’t grow

without a spirit of craftsmanship and quality services.