The Housekeeper Skill Training Project Was Completed Successfully!
Released at:2020/07/03 18:00:59


Warm communities are built on the solid foundation of well-established systems, thoughtful quality services, and professional talents.


In April, the 2020 Housekeeper Skill Training Project was officially launched under the Landsea Lecture. The goals of the training project were to further improve the professional capabilities of Landsea Green Life’s housekeeper team, to cater to property owners’ diversified and personalized demands for better quality services, to manage in a refined, standardized, and intelligent model, and ultimately to elevate living experiences for various residents of all ages.



In the course of 3 months of this training project, a joint training team made up of delegates from the Regular Property Center, the Human Administration Center, and the Brand Department visited all city branches across the country in rotation to offer custom training for housekeepers and assistant housekeepers of all projects.


Learning by practice. We aim to build a standardized model of "people-oriented" services


Delivering people-oriented services is at the core of Landsea’s values. Landsea endeavors to expand its services to every part of property owners’ lives. Revolving around the "people-oriented" philosophy, this year’s training covered all aspects of property owners’ lives.


At the training sessions, in order to give housekeeper trainees a clearer understanding, our lecturers taught the lessons with an example of what services we could provide for an ordinary property owner in his daily life, including on his way back home, relaxing walks, various facilities, home services, etc. By practicing these actual service scenes, trainees learned which areas and routes we should patrol more often and different standards for service site inspection. To share professional knowledge about flowers and plants, lecturers also explained how to select different kinds of flowers and plants, and knowledge about vegetation maintenance, all-season plant care, landscape design, different city flowers, and so on.



"Creating a nice neighborhood where property owners enjoy constantly pleasant scenery in all seasons is our way of showing respect to our customers.” By analyzing real customer complaint cases, lecturers introduced the standard procedures and methods of handling customer complaints and emphasized the details to look out for. After taking the courses, housekeeper trainees were expected to grasp stronger communication skills and better meet property owners’ requirements, so as to bring them a great service experience.



Practicing while learning. We build an “intelligent+” long-term management mechanism


To standardize the work process, we have built an intelligent and long-term management mechanism to record various information ranging from the registration of whole-process house decorations to entry registration at the door, key-keeping, pet information, etc. Trainees were taught how to fill in different annual, monthly, daily, and special forms. All these statistics are a reliable source of information for us to deeply understand residents’ needs. With the help of “Internet+” technology, we have achieved internal information sharing to offer better targeted services for residents.


"Our next move is to upgrade the smart management system of essential positions and hold regular training sessions for employees at each position. We will also formulate differentiated service standards to accommodate property owners’ conditions, including age, profession, physical condition, etc. Irregular emergency response exercises are organized to lay a foundation for property owners’ safe and peaceful living."


Going forward, Landsea will transform into a provider of more warm services


"Listen to the voice of customers, respect and meet their needs.” Every employee is a brand spokesperson for Landsea Green Life. To enhance the sense of belonging among the housekeeper trainees and raise their awareness of maintaining the enterprise brand, lecturers shared the history of Landsea Green Life, an overview of projects, the received awards and honors, business formats, efforts to fight against Covid-19, public welfare establishments, as well as corporate prospects.



One can only bring other people warmth if he is positive himself. The lecturers commented that the aim of Landsea Lecture was to help each and every employee grow and constitute Landsea’s core driving force for further growth. To this end, Landsea Green Life created a training program open to all employees, called “The Way of Growth for Landsea Talent”; various employee caring activities were held at intervals as well. Focusing on the CPC party-building events featuring colorful, warm, and vigorous moral education, we expect every housekeeper trainee to convey our message of “warm communities” in their daily work.



Keep in mind our mission of building “warm communities” and turn it into the guiding principle in delivering quality services. Warm services originate from our focus on property owners’ needs, the improvement of our smart management system, our respect for service quality, and our willingness to build up our brand. The lecturers held that as the bridge for emotionally connecting with property owners, housekeepers are the key to coordinating different departments. Thus, housekeepers should firstly fulfill their fundamental responsibilities and optimize the provision of warm services, which makes it possible for our warm services to develop further.


"Make it a home where people can find peace and happiness." Going forward, Landsea Green Life will work from various aspects to transform into a provider of more warm services, including hiring and retaining more trainers for the Landsea Lecture, integrating training and research into business development, increasing communication with other parties within the industry, as well as enhancing the qualities and service levels of housekeepers and all Landsea employees.