Two Business Brands of Landsea Green Life Move to New Locations
Released at:2021/03/03 16:55:59

Good news on Jingzhe (“awakening of insects”—beginning of Spring in Chinese calendar).


In the morning of March 5, two business brands of Landsea Green Life, Neighbor Home and Just for Beautiful Life Engineering, held a housewarming ceremony in Chengwang Yun Mansion. At 9:18 a.m., guests attending the ceremony cut the ribbon at the new office area.



The relocation was a transformation and upgrade of the company's strategy and symbolized the diversified community services of Landsea Green Life entering a new stage of development.


Focus on Needs and Complete Community Service Chain


Adopting a people-oriented approach to detect people's needs is the foundation for Landsea Green Life to run diversified businesses. In 2017, houses in many residential communities were successively up for sale. Since there was a high proportion of high-tech houses, our employees were required to have professional knowledge during the renting, selling, and delivering process. The Landsea Property Renting and Selling Center was therefore established, which was the prototype for Neighbor Home. In March 2019, the brand Neighbor Home was officially launched and its business expanded to cover vacant house management, selling remaining houses, and housekeeping services. Currently, the Neighbor Home team consists of 200 employees who help numerous families upgrade their houses.


As time goes by, residents have higher demands for improving their living environment. Established in March 2018, Just for Beautiful Life Engineering is dedicated to providing green and environmentally friendly decoration for property owners with the "people-oriented and customer-first" service concept. It offers a one-stop service from basic decoration and soft decoration to smart home furnishing and functional renovation of houses. Unlike traditional decoration companies’ poor responses for complaints, word-of-mouth marketing is the basis for Just for Beautiful Life Engineering to operate in communities.


Look into the Future and Build an Ecosystem among Familiar People


Against the backdrop of the national strategy to develop an inner-circular economy, diversified family services focusing on the community scenario have emerged. With inherent advantages in community services and retention of property owners and customers, branded property management enterprises continue to enrich business formats and build a healthy and cyclical community business ecosystem.

Sticking to the original goal remains the principle of the Landsea Green Life Experience Center. "In an age with increasingly fierce competition among diversified property management businesses, the only way to win customers' trust and word of mouth is to have a customer-oriented approach. Pricing products to the disadvantages of existing customers and cut-throat competition are not compatible with long-termism," said Chen Jia, general manager of Landsea Green Life Experience Center.

Diversified business is the icing on the cake of high-quality basic services. Thanks to years of leading satisfaction levels among property owners in the industry, the Experience Center is on the fast track to rapid development.



The working environment has changed,

but not the original aspiration and vision

New Start   New Journey

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