Stick to the duty of safeguard with strong responsibility. Landsea Green Life Implements Safety Measures During the Spring Festival
Released at:2021/02/07 16:58:59

On February 3, facing new requirements of Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival, Nanjing Langshi Property Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Landsea Green Life), a subsidiary of Landsea Holding, issued the Initiative for Staff on Staying Put During the Spring Festival and allocated millions in special funds to provide financial support such as pandemic prevention subsidies and the Spring Festival red envelopes to frontline staff who remained on duty during the festival. Nearly 90% of the staff actively responded to the call to remain on duty, safeguarding a warm community for the residents to reunite with their families.


 Figure | Staff strictly implemented the pandemic prevention and control measures


In response to the national policy, Landsea Green Life encouraged staff to stay put during the Spring Festival by providing subsidies, which was an important measure to care for staff, assume its responsibility in pandemic prevention and control and fulfill its social responsibility.


Build Warm Green Communities through Online and Offline Actions


As one of the Top 100 Property Management Enterprises in China, Landsea Green Life has adhered to the "green gene" and "people-oriented" principle since its establishment in 2005. It has built complete hardware and software facilities and adopted a differentiated approach to provide people-oriented services.


In 2019, Landsea Green Life put forward the service concept of "warm communities", deepening the social sustainable development in every aspect and creating a comfortable living environment from the perspective of customer services, order maintenance, engineering maintenance, cleaning service and afforestation, intelligence and informationization.


Figure | Customer service staff serving the property owner


At the beginning of the pandemic outbreak in 2020, Landsea Green Life responded to the call of the country as soon as possible to build the front line of pandemic prevention and control in communities, safeguarding the health of property owners to the greatest extent. As well as basic property management services such as daily disinfection, body temperature measuring, checking health codes, and registering and reporting returnees from other places to the communities and street administration offices, Landsea Green Life empowered green community operation via online service platforms including Landsea eCloud, Landsea Neighbor, and Landsea Eyes to provide services online and create a comfortable, convenient, efficient, and intelligent service environment for logistics services and value-added services.


Additionally, Landsea Green Life strengthened services that focus on the health, welfare, and life experience of property owners, including green management and services for residences, and promoted the sustainable operation of "warm communities" online and offline. As of September 2020, the property management services of Landsea Green Life covered 19 cities across the country with a total GFA under management of 16.2 million square meters. The "warm communities" service concept has been praised by property owners and the industry in practice.


Professional and Excellent Capability in Providing Property Management Services for Green Buildings


In addition to the creation and sustainable operation of green communities, Landsea Green Life has accumulated rich experience and developed professional service capability in providing property management services for green buildings.


According to the data as of September 2020, Landsea Green Life has 117 projects under management, 35 of them are green building projects, accounting for 34.1% of the total projects under management. In terms of single project operation, the company obtained the first global BIU V6 residential project certification in 2020, showing that the company is a leader in terms of green operation capability.



Figure | Li Qian (on the left), general manager of BRE China Branch awarded a certificate to Wu Xu (on the right), general manager of Landsea Green Life


In future, as the country puts forward favorable policies for green buildings and promotes new urbanization, the market's demand for property management services of green buildings will show a huge incremental space. Landsea Green Life, skilled in providing property management services for green buildings and warm community services, will have good opportunities for development.



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