Green Development Promotes Transformation and Upgrades in Property Management Industry; Landsea Green Life Attended the CPMA Council Meeting
Released at:2021/04/01 10:00:00

On March 30, 2021, the fourth plenary meeting of the fifth council of the China Property Management Association (CPMA) was held in Wuhan with the theme of implementing new ideas and building a new pattern in the new stage. Landsea Green Life was invited to the meeting as a member of the CPMA council.



This meeting delivered the expectation of high-quality and diversified upgrades in the property management industry and gathered strong momentum for the future development of the industry.


In the meeting, an initiative to "improve the property management service level and promote high-quality development in the industry" was proposed. Representatives from the industry were invited to share experiences in property management from the perspectives of CPC guidance, better life, village revitalization, talent development, and capital market. The topic of promoting green development in the industry was a special focus for participants.


The 14th Five-Year Plan Outline clearly states that we should "promote green development to realize the harmonious co-existence of human and nature", implement sustainable development strategies, improve coordination and systems for promoting ecological progress, and advocate for comprehensive green development in social and economic development to make China more beautiful.


Against that background, CMPA has included green development as a major focus in 2021. It will "advocate for green development concepts in the property management industry and improve the service level of full life cycle property management via advanced operation concepts, high-tech application, and refined management experience to realize low-carbon operation and reduce carbon emissions."


As a property management company with green genes, Landsea Green Life began by providing services for the first residential project developed with green technologies by the Landsea Group in the early stage of its establishment. In 16 years of development, it has localized and implemented advanced international concepts of sustainable green building operation, formulating differentiated features among domestic property management enterprises.


By September 30, 2020, 117 projects were under the management of Landsea Green Life. 34.1% of the gross floor area (GFA) in these projects was certified with Green Building Design Evaluation labels. We ranked third among the Top 100 Property Management Companies in terms of the GFA under management of green buildings that are certified with a Two-Star Label of Green Building Design Evaluation or higher-level label. The GFA of green buildings certified with labels of other top 100 property management companies only accounted for 4.3%. Green operation has become an important part of our core competitiveness.



In August 2020, Landsea Green Life first recommended the Shanghai Landsea Hongqiao Green County project to participate in the evaluation of BIU V6 certification. The project was certified as the first global residential project with BIU V6 certification. In March 2021, Landsea Green Life conducted strategic cooperation with BRE, upgrading the green operation concept to be an international and more standard one.


Looking into the future, Landsea Green Life will drive the continuous upgrade of living environments through warm community services and professional green operation and maintenance capability through the dimensions of "more inclusive, safer, and healthier", contributing to the standardization of green community operation in China.