Landsea Green Life Once Again Recognized Among Top 100 Property Management Companies in China, Ranking 24th and Obtaining Five Awards
Released at:2021/04/22 12:00:00

According to the Government Work Report in 2021, property management enterprises will have a bright future. It is a positive signal for the property management industry. The “hardcore property management” concept has been given a promised future. 


On April 22, 2021, the 2021 Conference on Research Result Release and 14th Entrepreneur Summit of 2021 Top 100 Property Management Companies in China was held in Beijing. The conference was hosted by the China Index Academy (CIA) and the China Real Estate Top 10 Research Team, and was organized by China Index Holdings Ltd. (CIH) and CIA. More than a hundred of the big names in the property management industry attended the conference to explore high-quality development approaches for property management enterprises and the new development landscape of the industry.


After 14 years of research on Top 100 property management companies, enterprises are evaluated in a comprehensive and objective way from five perspectives: management scale, operating performance, service quality, development potential, and social responsibility. Relevant research results have become important standards to assess the operating capability and industry ranking of enterprises. 


Landsea Green Life is well-regarded in the industry due to its leading service quality, good customer reputation and development condition, and its strong sense of social responsibility. It has been included in the Top 100 Property Management Companies in China for five consecutive years, most recently ranking 24th, as well as being recognized among the China Leading Property Management Companies in terms of Service Quality, Top 100 Property Management Companies in terms of Customer Satisfaction, China Leading Property Management Companies in terms of Marketization of Business, and Property Management Companies with Social Responsibility.


Figure | Mr. Yin Feng, Chief Investment Officer of Landsea Green Life receiving the award on behalf of the company

Figure | 2021 Top 100 Property Management Companies in China

Figure | 2021 China Leading Property Management Companies in terms of Service Quality

Figure | 2021 China Leading Property Management Companies in terms of Customer Satisfaction

Figure | 2021 China Leading Property Management Companies in terms of Marketisation of Business

Figure | 2021 China Leading Property Management Companies in terms of Social Responsibility

Behind these awards is Landsea

Green Life’s unchanged aspiration for property management.

Throughout the past 16 years, Landsea Green Life has always focused on the property management service itself and has continued to innovate. It has become an innovative and highly recognizable property management enterprise with the capability for rapid growth.


Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction are the Company's Lifeline

Quality shapes the brand. We pay attention to the customers' needs and focus on the full life cycle service dimension to continuously upgrade service standards and operation strategies, implementing six systems. We strive to win public praise through high-quality and standard services and innovative concepts, and improve the core competitiveness of the brand.

By segmenting customer groups, we continue to study in-depth the living needs of property owners at different ages and improve the professionalism, standardization, and intelligence level of basic services and community value-added services. We also enrich community life and cultural activities on the basis of  “The Landsea Friends”, achieving leading customer satisfaction in the industry.


Focus on Regional Advantages and Develop Business in Yangtze River Delta Area

At the conference, guests discussed high-quality expansion and diversified operation. "Property management is an industry that provides services for people. Only by adhering to people-oriented core values and customer thinking can we occupy the market."

As the management scale is rapidly expanding, Landsea Green Life has a centered and clear business layout. As a highly market-oriented property management service provider, we have implemented the national development strategies and our strategy of "rooting business in the Yangtze River Delta area and expanding nationwide." We follow the development approach that fits our condition, strengthen our advantages, focus on the businesses in the Yangtze River Delta, and rapidly expand business in regional markets.


Figure | Pyramid value system of warm communities


Green differentiation is the core competitiveness


During the NPC and CPPCC period this year, it was proposed that green be made the distinctive background color of high-quality development.  Landsea Green Life fulfills its social responsibility with practical actions. Green is not only a transformation for us but our conviction of 16 years.


As of September 30, 2020, our green building projects accounted for 34.1% of the total projects. We ranked third among the Top 100 Property Management Companies in terms of the GFA under management of green buildings that are certified with a Two-Star Label of Green Building Design Evaluation or a higher-level label. The GFA of green buildings certified with labels of other Top 100 Property Management Companies only accounted for 4.3%.

After years of development, Landsea Green Life has formulated an effective green operation management system that is beneficial to stakeholders and has become one of our core competitive advantages.


Figure: Build differentiated operation and maintenance capability from eight dimensions


Released in July 2020, the Notice of Issuing the Action Plan for Green Building Creation clearly states that the GFA of green buildings will account for 70% of that of the new urban buildings in 2022. The ratio of some provinces and municipalities will be 100% during the 14th Five-Year Plan.

Facing new opportunities in the new age, Landsea Green Life has upgraded green operation and recommended the Shanghai Landsea Hongqiao Green County project to participate in the evaluation of BIU V6 certification. In August 2020, the project was certified as the first global residential project with BIU V6 certification. In March 2021, Landsea Green Life signed an official strategic cooperation agreement with Building Research Establishment (BRE), upgrading the green operation concept to be an international and more standard one.


Figure: Build differentiated operation and maintenance capability from eight dimensions


Make and implement plans based on the current situation
Always empower the living space with
A belief in the long term

Bring more possibilities

Forge ahead with prospects

in the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan