Landsea Green Life Participated in the 17th Green Building Conference and Released 2020 ESG Report
Released at:2021/05/19 17:00:00


ESG is not only a report nor simply being charitable. The most important aspect of ESG is being determined to be a good person and communicating with stakeholders in an efficient and professional way.

——Mr. Tian Ming, chairman of Landsea Holding.


Under the theme "Focusing on Carbon Neutrality of Buildings and Establishing a New System of Green Production and Life", the 2021 (17th) International Conference on Green and Energy-efficient Building & New Technologies and Products Expo was held in Chengdu from May 18 to 19.


At the sub-forum with the theme "Green Operation Promotes Sustainable Community Upgrade" of Landsea Holding, Landsea Green Life released its 2020 ESG report, which was also the first one since its establishment. Meanwhile, experts and scholars in the specialized fields were invited to the sub-forum to discuss carbon neutrality in communities in the double carbon age and how the green operation of property management empowers the sustainable development of communities.


2020 ESG Report of Landsea Green Life was Officially Released


Mr. Yang Xi (on the right), deputy secretary of China Property Management Association and general manager of China Property Management Research Institute

Mr. Wu Xu (on the left), chief executive officer of Landsea Green Life


Focus on Green Operation

to Promote Sustainable Community Upgrade


Peaking carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality have been in focus since the NPC and CPPCC were held. In the context of double carbon "30·60" (shorthand for "achieving the goal of peaking carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and carbon neutrality before 2060"), ESG is becoming increasingly important for enterprises. It is a vital component of the sustainable development management of an enterprise and of promoting global sustainable development.


Landsea Green Life was established with green genes. During the past 16 years, it has always advocated the concept of harmonious coexistence of human, society, and nature and become a full life cycle green living service provider in a short period of time. In the course of development, we have formulated a mature concept of green operation and a featured ESG management system.


At the conference, Mr. Wu Xu, chief executive officer, shared Landsea Green Life’s practical approach of ESG empowering sustainable communities. "We consider ESG management an important foundation for enterprise development and sustainable community improvement so as to create a better life for people and promote global sustainable development."



Sustainable development has become one of the core issues of global development. As a responsible property management service provider, Landsea Green Life continues to build sustainable communities to help people enjoy better green living via warm community services and the professional capability of green O&M on the basis of ESG management.


Crossover Round Table Forum Helps Explore

the Green Future of Sustainable Communities


At the round table forum held in the afternoon, experts and scholars from specialized fields analyzed the first ESG report from Landsea Green Life in depth, shared international experience of foreign and domestic property management enterprises in green operation, and discussed carbon neutrality in communities in the double carbon age. Meanwhile, they analyzed theories and cases of empowering sustainable community development by advanced operation concepts, high and new technologies, refined management and control experience, and shared green living insights and ideas.


Mr. He Jinfeng

Chairman of Sichuan United Environment Exchange

One of the signatories of the UN PRI organizations in China

Mr. Shi Feng

Deputy director of the Lishui Institute of Ecological Environment of Nanjing University

Taishan scholar of Shandong Provincial Government

Distinguished Overseas Expert (Shandong Academy of Science)

Mr. Qian Feng

Chief scientist of State Grid Yingda Carbon Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Mr. Hou Guoqiang

Research fellow of the Industry Development Research Committee

of China Property Management Association

Member of Expert Committee of China Association of Building Energy Efficiency

Mr. Zhao Geping

Head of BRE China

Mr. Liu Tao

Partner and deputy general manager of Bizdao Consulting Company


First ESG Report Supports Differentiation Approach of Landsea Green Life


In line with the relevant international standards, such as the global sustainable development goals, ISO37120 for sustainable cities and communities, the standards of "Sustainable Urban Development and Livable Garden Community Programme" (SUC), ISC (Institute for Sustainable Communities) standards and other international standards, we have come up with three dimensions of sustainable communities—more inclusive, safer, and healthier to constantly upgrade sustainable communities.


As a responsible property management service provider with high social value, Landsea Green Life has formed differentiated advantages with its green operation and maintenance capability and has focused on building warm communities adhering to the "people-oriented, positive, and green services" value.


People-oriented service for a more inclusive community. We pay close attention to the actual needs of property owners, respect and strive to meet the core needs of customers of different ages and groups. We provide caring services and focus mainly on building and operating  “The Landsea Friends”, creating more inclusiveness and better community living. We build houses to suit the lifestyle of the elderly and leisure and entertainment areas that stimulate the creativity of children to benefit their physical and mental health. Meanwhile, we maintain communication with property owners via multiple channels including but not limited to 400 customer service hotlines, owner committees, and community cultural activities. We jointly create humanistic community living with property owners by operating communities and guiding residents to hold healthy and positive cultural and sports activities to raise the cultural and ethical standards in communities and involve more property owners in community activities. These activities help build harmonious and friendly neighborhood relationships and humanistic communities.



Positive services for a safer community. Landsea Green Life has always attached importance to building safety and anti-disaster capability in the community. We leverage cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and other technical means to create"smart property management plus smart life" through digital platforms like "Landsea e-cloud platform" and "Landsea Neighborhood." A slew of measures, such as publicity, popularization of knowledge, and emergency response drills have been adopted to constantly improve the community's resilience against disasters and build a safe community. During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, we worked with external institutions to hold a free online clinic, providing consulting services for over 1.16 million property owners and medical services for nearly 60,000 property owners.




Green operation for a healthier community. Green is the genetic code of Landsea. We have over ten years of experience in green community operation and maintenance (O&M) and are leaders in providing customer satisfaction in the industry. We adhere to a customer-oriented approach to build green and healthy communities through professional green operation and comprehensive education on environmental protection knowledge in communities. Landsea Green Life carries out comprehensive green operation & maintenance in the community from eight aspects: sustainable management, resilience, health and well-being, energy, resources, land use and ecology, pollution, and water. Landsea Green Life continues to improve professional capabilities for operation and maintenance to help improve community quality and contribute to a greener and healthier community life for residents in the community. As of September 30, 2020, among the total of 117 projects managed by Landsea Green Life, 34.1% of the floor area had received the China Green Building Label.



Look forward to the future and focus on current practices. Landsea Green Life will continue to consolidate the theoretical and practical foundation of green operation, and strengthen the international and prospective vision of ESG management. We will focus on building sustainable communities, adopting the concept of "more inclusive, safer, and healthier" to increase the customer, environmental, and social value of property management services and create shared value for stakeholders so as to contribute to realizing the global sustainable development goal.