Landsea Green Life (1965.HK) Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Market Today
Released at:2021/07/08 20:11:18

On July 8, 2021, Landsea Green Life Service Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Landsea Green Life") was officially listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with the stock symbol of Landsea Green Life and stock code 1965.HK.


Figure | Ringing the opening bell in Nanjing

Figure | Ringing the opening bell in Hong Kong


Chairman of Landsea Holding and Landsea Green Life, Tian Ming, deputy chairman of Landsea Green Life, Zhou Qin, executive director and chief executive officer, Wu Xu, and other members of the Board, middle and senior management, shareholder representatives, and employee representatives attended the on-line opening bell ringing ceremony held in Nanjing and Hong Kong. Meanwhile, leaders and guests from local government, competent authorities, housing intermediary agencies, and partner organizations and media reporters also participated in the ceremony and witnessed the beginning of a new journey for Landsea Green Life. 



 Dominant Advantages in Green Differentiation



Figure | Sustainable community green management service system


From initially providing property management services for green buildings through Landsea Holding to formulating a sustainable green management and service system in communities, Landsea Green Life has always adhered to the green differentiation concept and accumulated rich experience in the field of green buildings. It is also recognized by Building Research Establishment (BRE), an important promoter of green buildings in the world. By December 31, 2020, the GFA of green buildings under management accounted for 34.4% of that of the total buildings, ranking in the leading place among Top 100 Property Management Companies in China.


 Accelerate Market-oriented Operation


Landsea Green Life has always focused on the core property management market in the Yangtze River Delta area and continues to accelerate its business expansion around the country. It became the 6th industrial platform of the Landsea Holding and began its market-oriented effort in 2016.


By December 31, 2020, it had expanded its business in 21 cities, 15 of which are cities in the Yangtze River Delta area with dominant advantages. Additionally, the GFA under management in respect of properties developed by independent third-party developers accounted for 42.3%.


"We are speeding up to formulate standards, optimize management, and accumulate experience in multiple business formats so as to build a high-quality comprehensive urban service system. From zero to one, we have realized a breakthrough in project management. From one to many, we have implemented the strategy of regional expansion." says Mr. Wu Xu, chief executive officer of Landsea Green Life.


Innovate the Diversified Value-added Services



With the stable growth of core property management business, Landsea Green Life is actively developing various value-added services including value-added services for non-property owners such as sales assistance services, consulting services in early stages and community value-added services such as house selling and renovation, community group purchase, club house operation, and advertising services, implementing parallel development across diversified businesses.



Additionally, in order to create a better community and enrich the lives of property owners, Landsea Green Life has built the community brand “The Landsea Friends”  to offer parent-child activities, interest group events, and workshops for property owners to create a warm and friendly community atmosphere.



IPO is a new start. In the future, Landsea Green Life will continue to practise a customer-oriented philosophy, exert the competitive advantages of green differentiation, and leverage the Hong Kong market as a platform for international exchange and financing to improve the intelligence and refinement level of green operation and extensively expand business formats. It will also continue to enhance customer happiness with a long-term vision to become a leader in providing green living services in communities.