Supporting Urban Renewal, Landsea Green Life Joins Forces with General Elevator to Establish Langtong Green Elevator Service Co. Ltd.
Released at:2021/08/18 17:28:13

Even as the autumn leaves start to fall, we continue to chase our dreams. On August 18, 2021, the joint venture Suzhou Langtong Green Elevator Service Co., Ltd. was officially founded by General Elevator and Landsea Green Life, symbolizing the two sides opening a new chapter of in-depth cooperation.


Wang Pengyu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and mayor of Qidu Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou; Zhu Xinrong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of CPPCC Working Committee of Qidu Town; Xu Zhiming, chairman of General Elevator; Wu Xu, CEO of Landsea Green Life; Liu Chengwei, vice president of Landsea Green Properties; Liu Shouwei, vice president of Landsea Green Properties, and other leaders and representatives from both sides attended the signing ceremony.


Figure |  Founding ceremony of Suzhou Langtong Green Elevator Service Co., Ltd


Building a Professional Elevator Service Brand Together


As a technology-based manufacturer and domestic elevator brand operator that integrates elevator research and development, manufacturing, marketing, installation, and services, General Elevator has been providing systematic solutions and comprehensive upgrading and renovation solutions for elevator configuration in various buildings based on intelligent manufacturing for a long time. Relying on high-quality products and fast-responding comprehensive service capabilities, it has actively implemented industrial transformation and upgrading and won a good reputation in the industry.


Landsea Green Life has been exploring the property management service industry for 16 years. It insists on customer-oriented principles, makes business innovations based on the needs of customers, is actively exploring a new business model of “property management services + life services”, and continuously expanding its service scope.


The cooperation between Landsea Green Life and General Elevator is a joint venture based on the premise of respecting each other’s corporate culture and management mode. The two sides will conduct all-round and in-depth cooperation, innovate and seek changes, and complement each other’s advantages for common development, providing property owners with highly professional, high-quality, and warm services.


Focus on Customer Experiences and Customer Feelings


A strong sense of service is a new way of thinking that is based on customer experiences and is an important driver for industry development. How to handle heavy traffic during peak hours? How to transform and install elevators for aging communities? How to customize a better life for villas? How to build more considerate hospital elevators?


Focusing on customer feelings, dedication to improving the customer experience in services, adhering to a “rapid, professional, and warm” concept was the original goal behind establishing Suzhou Langtong Green Elevator Service Co., Ltd. Aiming to respond in a timelier manner, provide more professional maintenance, and offer warmer services, the company focuses on details and continues to improve the service quality to bring better living to property owners.


Expand Services in Cities


In March this year, “urban renewal” was first mentioned in the Report on the Work of the Government and officially became a national strategy. The renovation of old communities is closely related to urban renewal. With the development of a social economy and an increasingly elderly population, the demand for installing elevators in old buildings is rising year by year. Old communities located in the busy and noisy city centers are filled with residents yearning for a better quality of life. According to the estimation of specialized institutions, 2.5 million units of elevators are waiting to be installed for old buildings in China.


The two sides agreed that Suzhou Langtong Green Elevator Service Co., Ltd. would actively respond to the national strategy, focus on people’s well-being, and accumulate professional experience to provide dedicated systematic solutions in the installation of elevators in old communities. The company will provide comprehensive renewal and renovation solutions for relocating, changing, and maintaining elevators in communities that were built over 10 years ago, and will continue to explore the renovation of old communities, focus on urban renewal, and redefine better living in old communities.


Continue to Exert Strength in the Segmented Market


Facing changing external challenges, we must strengthen our internal capabilities, form the hardcore strength of our brand, and continue to develop towards professionalism and platformization. Establishing the joint venture with General Elevator is just the beginning. In future, Landsea Green Life will continue to develop 2C basic property management services and focus on 2B business modules to provide professional services. 2C is not only about the traditional basic property management services but also about providing life services including elderly care in communities, housekeeping, public resource management, house rental and sale, community retail, and neighborhood community building for property owners.


Meanwhile, learning from the philosophy “keep learning and being modest” of the Dujiangyan irrigation project, we ensure that service standards are fully implemented while the business is expanding rapidly, and form distinctive advantages that are different from our rivals.


In future, Landsea Green Life will continue to use the national strategic plan as a foothold and integrate it into even the smallest urban construction projects. We will continue to drive quality growth through business innovation, consider quality as the foundation of development, improve service quality, and make efforts to improve the living environment and city image.