Landsea Green Life: Green is the Basis and Differentiation is the Core Competitive Advantage
Released at:2021/03/06 00:00:00

After the property management enterprise IPO explosion in 2020, the property management industry was still in the limelight. Multiple property stocks have been included in the Hang Seng Indexes. Country Garden Service plans to acquire Languang Justbon Services for 4.846 billion RMB. The economies of scale in the property management industry are formed gradually. Leading enterprises in the industries are speeding up business expansion. With the continuous pursuit of capital market, the industry may witness a new round of mergers and acquisitions.


Green Differentiation is the Core Competitive Advantage


16 years ago, when real estate enterprises were competing in scale expansion, Landsea Holding decided to implement the forward-looking strategy of green differentiation. Later, it took hold in the real estate industry and achieved continuous and stable growth. Landsea Holding has been listed among the Top 10 Most Competitive Green Developers and Top 100 Chinese Real Estate Developers for many consecutive years.


As a property management brand of Landsea Holding, Landsea Green Life began to provide services for the first residential project developed with green technologies by the Group in the early stage of its establishment. It's safe to say that Landsea Green Life has been closely related to green building service and management from the beginning and has an inherent advantage in the refined management of green buildings. In 16 years of development, it has stayed true to the green roots of Landsea and has localized and implemented advanced international concepts of sustainable green building operation, formulating differentiated features among domestic property management enterprises.


According to the data as of September 30, 2020, 117 projects were under the management of Landsea Green Life. In these projects, the gross floor area (GFA) certified with Green Building Design Evaluation labels accounted for 34.1%. Landsea Green Life ranked third among the Top 100 Property Management Companies in terms of the GFA under management of green buildings that are certified with a Two-Star Label of Green Building Design Evaluation or higher-level label. The GFA of green buildings certified with labels among other Top 100 Property Management Companies only accounted for 4.3%.


Landsea Green Life CIO Yin Feng believes that developing green buildings has become an effective approach to respond to the climate crisis and achieve sustainable development. However, green development is only a basis for property management enterprises. The core competitive advantage of these enterprises during the greatest investment potential period lies in refined management, a continuously improved green management system, differentiated green operation and maintenance capability.


Build Differentiated Operation Capability from Eight Dimensions


"Greening projects, security and cleaning services, and house maintenance" are the basic services provided by traditional property management enterprises after the construction projects are finished and delivered to property owners. Based on the differentiated green technological residential products of Landsea Holding, Landsea Green Life pays more attention to health and sustainability management and gets involved in the projects when they are launched.


Take the Landsea Hongqiao Green County project as an example. Before designing the project’s planning schemes, Landsea Green Life participated in positioning and analyzing the customer groups, conducting dynamic simulation of the ecological environment in communities, and studying the energy consumption management. By considering the climate features of cold winter, warm summer, and mildew in humid rainy season in Shanghai, the company provided an optimized planning design for the housing products, landscape, and even the whole community to help people live a healthy and comfortable life.


However, mergers and acquisitions are only the starting point. Currently, property management enterprises in China mainly make profits from basic services. How can they get competitive advantages in services? The model of Landsea Green Life, which carries on the green gene of Landsea Holding, now sets an example for other property management enterprises to compete with a different approach.

 Figure | Landsea Hongqiao Green County


Additionally, Landsea Green Life distributes a Landsea Life Service Manual to the property owners before providing services in each community to guide them to reduce carbon emissions in daily life. It also holds publicity activities for environmental protection, training, and communication activities to develop the concept of low carbon, environmental protection, and green lifestyle.

After the projects are delivered to property owners, the company implements the green community management system from eight dimensions (green management, disaster prevention and resilience, health and welfare, energy consumption management, resource recycling, ecological environment, pollution control, and water resource management) to effectively reduce carbon emissions in property management services and maximize the resource conservation and environmental protection. Apart from providing refined basic property management services, the company takes the ecological environment, resource recycling, and property owners' health in the communities into consideration. For example, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Landsea Green Life is working to ensure the water supply in buildings is hygienic to prevent property owners from water contamination. Most property management enterprises may not recognize or deal with such risks.


It is reported that Nanjing Zhongshan Green County of Landsea (public area) has obtained the ISO50001:2018 Energy Management System Certification. Unlike other property management enterprises that have obtained energy system certification for public buildings, Landsea Green Life has received the first energy management system certification for a public area of residential buildings in China.


Landsea Green Life is recognized by the industry and customers in terms of its ability to provide differentiated green services. It has been included in the 2020 China Property Services Featured Brand Enterprises and Top 50 Model Property Management Enterprises in China in terms of Customer Satisfaction.


Improve Core Competence in Green Operation to Stay up to Date


The Notice of Issuing the Action Plan for Green Building Creation, jointly issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and other ministries in July 2020, clearly states that green buildings will account for 70% of the GFA of new urban buildings in 2022. The ratio in some provinces and municipalities will be 100% during the 14th Five-Year Plan. The development of green buildings in China is on the fast track. Green property management will embrace new opportunities.


Facing new opportunities in the new age, Landsea Green Life has upgraded green operation, and recommended the Shanghai Landsea Hongqiao Green County project to participate in evaluation for BIU V6 certification. The project was later successfully certified as the first global residential project with BIU V6 certification. Recently, Landsea Green Life has signed an official strategic cooperation agreement with Building Research Establishment (BRE), upgrading the green operation concept to be an international and more standard one.


Figure | Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony between Landsea Green Life and BRE


BREEAM, established by BRE in 1990, is the first global and most widely-used green building assessment method. In May 2020, BRE released the latest standard, BIU V6, which updated the content for disaster prevention and resilience, net zero carbon emission, health and welfare, quality and lifecycle performance, and referred to the UN sustainable development goal and topic of social equity. The standard is the first assessment method that integrates health and welfare, adaptability, overall sustainability, and environmental performance and mainly focuses on existing buildings.


Notably, BIU V6 also includes an overall systematic evaluation on the green management and operation performance of centralized residential communities for the first time, filling a gap in the market. It will better guide property management enterprises to realize unified management, regulate processes, tap the potential in green operation, and enhance caring and communication with customers, which will become the core values of green operation in communities.


At the signing ceremony, Landsea Green Life's Chief Investment Officer Yin Feng said that the company would drive the continuous upgrade of living environment through warm community services and professional green O&M capability from the dimensions of "more inclusive, safer, and healthier", contributing to the standardization of green community operation in China.



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