Breaking the Boundary of Content and Service, Landsea Green Life Explores Upgrades to Property Management Services
Released at:2021/02/18 16:56:59

2020 was a milestone year in the history of property management development. There were 18 property management enterprises went public, which was a record high. Nearly 50 property management enterprises plan to go public in the near future. Leading enterprises have undergone brand renewal and upgrades. In December 2020, multiple ministries issued notices to accelerate the development of property management services, promote the improvement of services with high-quality and diversified functions, and to meet people's growing needs for better living.


The property management industry is ushering in a new round of golden development. How do the enterprises in the industry seize the opportunity and achieve leapfrog development?


Brands Compete to Renew and Upgrade, Exploring a New Model of Property

Management + Life


Property management enterprises are pursuing service improvement, which is evident from the renaming of enterprises and brand renewal and upgrade.


A wave of enterprise renaming began in 2019. Leading property management enterprises added words such as “service”, “life”, and “intelligence” to their corporate names and brand concepts. For example, Sunac Property Management was renamed Sunac Service, Shimao Property Management was renamed Shimao Service, Landsea Property Management was renamed Landsea Green Life, and A-Living Service was renamed A-Living Intelligent Urban Service.


These companies changed their names with the hope to convey to the public that they would not only provide daily management and maintenance services for properties, but also focus on improving the service quality and value-added services, exploring the model of "property management service + life service", and promoting diversified development in communities and cities to meet people's diverse living needs from multiple perspectives.


Landsea Green Life believes that good living should be healthy in terms of the property owners' physical and mental health as well as the natural and humanistic environment of the community. In 2019, Landsea Green Life first proposed the service concept of "warm communities" in the industry. The company not only provides one-stop green building services and operations but also creates a healthy and comfortable living environment. It has also established a standardized service system referring to the ten service standard systems of the Golden Key International Alliance and provides links to third-party service providers and governmental public service departments on the open community platforms via digital construction, providing property owners with a comfortable, convenient, and caring one-stop living scenario, realizing the harmonious co-existence of people, society, and nature, and leading a green life.


135 Interactive Activities Held in 4 Months to Build Harmonious Neighborhood Relationship


In addition to providing warm basic services and value-added services, Landsea Green Life pays special attention to the personal needs of property owners and to community culture development. It establishes the values of green and health among property owners, strengthens their sense of identity and belonging, and creates a harmonious neighborhood relationship via various community activities and diversified community operations.


In order to meet the living and social needs of property owners at different ages, Landsea Green Life initiated the brand “The Landsea Friends” in September 2020, which consisted of a Parent-Child Game Camp, Youngster Club, and Elderly Club targeting teenagers, young and middle-aged people, and elderly people respectively. Within four months after The Landsea Friends was established, 135 online and offline activities were held in Nanjing which were attended by over 25,000 people.




In November 2020, Landsea Green Life held the "Be Friends of Time with Landsea" family portrait activity. Working with a professional photography studio and traveling nearly 10,000 kilometers, the company helped 2,000 families from 62 communities in 11 cities record moments of happiness living in Landsea houses. The activity was praised by 99.42% of the participating property owners and was shared in their Wechat Moment.


Landsea Green Life has created a community culture of symbiosis for property owners, which not only enhances their sense of belonging, improves customer satisfaction, and forms a close and harmonious neighborhood relationship, but also enhances the added value and brand image of the houses, laying a foundation for further development of diversified value-added services.


With a featured green building property service, one-stop living service, and community culture development, Landsea Green Life continues to refresh the content and boundaries of property services and is widely recognized by customers and the industry. Its ranking in the industry rose from 46th in 2018 to 28th in 2020. It can be considered a typical example with great growth potential and achieving rapid development for small and middle-sized property management enterprises.


Source: National Business Daily